At a Glance

My education wasn’t just focused on learning the technical skills needed to be a photographer; I became acquainted with many historical images and artists that inspired me to create thoughtful art.  These images are pieces of fragmented imagination.

Below I have examples of more cohesive series that provide commentary or focus on stylistic concepts.

넌 내게 꽂혀

In the final semester of a bachelor’s degree I started this series as my senior thesis.
I examine the relationship between art and inspiration as well as the influence of time period and pop culture.

From my thesis statement:

The grid of images permeates my visual cortex, seeping out of the overwhelming noise – The Internet. Screenshots of my Tumblr, a documentation of curation. Hearts of approval, a template of creativity. Follow the hearts to connect what I have seen to what I have done.  A proclamation formed of pieces. Bask in the glory of organization and follow the steps I lay out. This is a constructed narrative of reborn aesthetics. A culmination of subgenre, mix matched, and self-relevant pop culture from my incidental heyday. I’m showing you this means everything but telling you this means nothing.  Here lies the representation of myself not as myself. Don’t let form be a distraction of the experience…let the value extend from all that is referred and is relevant of. Take a minute to adjust to the wondrous; we can meet on the other side.

The full series is available on Tumblr.  It does contain content that may upset upset some viewers including mild gore, sexual themes, and language.

Dust: A tale of Urban Dissent

“And I heard as it were the noise of thunder
One of the four beasts saying come and see and I saw”
 Revelation 6  Johnny Cash

Part I of a portfolio documenting the remnants of humanity.

Full Series

Ball Jointed Dolls

What started as a hobby has become a passion.  I always loved miniatures as a child.  I remember building tiny worlds in jars and old fish tanks with my mother.  Maybe I loved that they were cute or that for once I felt in control.  Probably both.  My fascination with all things small never shrank and today I am a twenty-three year old who plays with dolls.

I enjoy sewing Bedelia’s outfits but I also support my fellow hobbyists by buying their clothing and accessories.  I style, shoot, and edit all my BJD photography.  You may notice I remove her joints for a more natural look.  Her sculpt is Tender Shall created by Dream of Doll.


Bedelia’s story is still being written.  Expect high concept sci fi rigamarole, anything scary-cryptic,  and everything you imagined the moon to be or at least close enough.


I first walked through these woods when we were both three and a half feet tall.  In third grade Mrs. So-and-so lead us through the thick Florida scrub, towering over the small trees and children.  In every direction I saw something new to wonder at.  Soft star shaped moss littered the forest floor, colonies of ants moved granules of food, remnants of the forests previous tall trees were scattered through the new undergrowth.  This miniature ecosystem spans only 1 square acre.  In an effort to recreate annual burns the small forest is partially demolished every so often.  As an adult looking for peace in the suburbs of Deltona I rediscovered Lyonia preserve.  With my newfound skills in photography I was able to recreate and preserve the Lyonia from my childhood.  There is a darkness and magic in between the torn bark and green shoots.


This series considers the fear of missing out from the perspective of a bisexual woman in a relationship with a man.  Many people wonder if they are with the right person regardless of sexual orientation.  She evaluates her feelings about the idea of femininity vs masculinity and different kinds of relationships.

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some images are shown here, the full series contains sexual imagery and mild gore


It consumes, looms, precludes.  A monster with one thousand maws.  Growing at an unnerving rate, Kudzu rules the vacant lots and interstate shrub of the southern United States.  It grows rapidly, snuffing out all the light below so they may steal nutrients for other flora.  I photographed this beast lurking throughout my hometown in the dead of night.  My flashlight illuminates these slow moving murders in a dramatic glow.