I’ll be honest

I’m not very good at talking about myself and I can’t afford to pay someone to write about me.  I should tell you, dear reader, that I’ve been practicing photography since 2007 and I graduated UCF with a BS in the subject.  Like most people may age I’m trying to get started in life so I have a very open policy about doing freelance work.

Name your price, I’ll see what I can do.

I can’t really make free work now but I’ll consider any offer.  I love taking photos with all subjects including but not limited to people, products, food, and animals.  Look at my portfolio and if you like my images contact me.  I have experience shooting large events like weddings, charities, parades, and parties.  I also love capturing more intimate moments and creating portaits. 

weather you want something classic or uncommon I know I would love to be part of your photographic experience.


You can find other examples of portraiture and product photography throughout this website